Terms & Conditions

The supplier shall refer to as Pumphouse Party Hire, the hirer shall refer to as the hirer.

The hirer enters into a contract and agrees and accepts the terms and conditions from the date they make a booking with the supplier.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking. This can be made by EFT, Visa, Mastercard or Paypal which incurs a 3% surcharge.

Cancelled bookings 48 hours prior to the event incur a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within a 48 hour period incur a 100% cancellation fee.

A $100 bond may be required for photo booth props.

Hire is for one day unless otherwise agreed on. Inability for the driver to access the equipment for pickup will incur a further daily charge for any days beyond the agreed period.

The hirer accepts full responsibility for the equipment while in their possession. The hirer is liable for any loss or damage while the equipment is in their possession.

The hirer is responsible to have someone available over the age of 18 years to accept delivery within the agreed timeframe. If there is no access an additional delivery fee may be required.

The hirer shall arrange to have a suitable solid table at the time of delivery to support 85Kg for equipment, note trestle tables are not acceptable. A direct power source is required and not connected to a power board. Note a single extension cord is acceptable. The hirer shall ensure that the area where the Juke box and/ or photo booth is to be connected is flat and clear of glass doors. A direct power source is required and not connected to a power board.

Once set up by the supplier, no equipment may be moved by the hirer without prior consent.

If any machine malfunctions due to user error a $100 callout fee will apply.

The hirer assumes proper knowledge in the operation and handling of the equipment and follows OH&S policies and does not hold Supplier responsible for any injury caused to themselves or others whilst moving or setting up any equipment.

Pumphouse Party Hire offers a 100% money back guarantee, this is at the discretion of the Pumphouse Party Hire management.

Pump House Party Hire

Pumphouse Hire New Agreement




Bookings for delivery must be made 3 days in advance of event date to enable us to schedule the delivery.

Bookings are still subject to standard Terms & Conditions and stock availability.

Please contact your local Warehouse for information and delivery service availability.

Bookings must be placed online, and a minimum hire value of $79.00 is required for Delivery/Collection to occur.

By placing a booking through our website you are accepting our Terms and Conditions for Hire.

For more Delivery information, please see our Delivery Services page.




  1. The person completing the ID check process is responsible for the equipment from when it leaves to when it returns to Pumphouse Party Hire Warehouse.
  2. In the case of delivery they are responsible from drop off to pick up by Pumphouse Party Hire.
  3. Equipment must be returned in the same condition.
  4. All item pricing for hire on the website is for an overnight hire period. Any allowance for a pickup or drop off beyond this is at Pumphouse Party Hire's grace. We reserve the right to allow extended hire periods at no extra charge where we see fit, we also reserve the right to book equipment with your knowledge to be due back at a certain time.
  5. As a default a Saturday hire must be returned before close of business on Monday.
  6. Any hire which is not returned by the agreed time will incur extra hire charges per day of the daily hire amount for each/every item(s) not returned.
  7. During our Peak Period (October 1 to January 1) Friday night hires will be due for return by 10am the following morning (unless an extended hire rate has been organised and paid for in advance). Failure to return your hire by 10am on Saturday morning will result in the forfeiture of your Bond. Furthermore, failure to return by 12pm on Saturday will result in another overnight hire charge to be applied.  
  8. During peak periods, such as New Years where demand for equipment is very high, each hire item may incur extra charges, these will be explained at the time of booking, and all peak hire periods will require full payment at time of booking in order to reserve the equipment.  
  9. As with our regular hire period it is advisable to pay for hire equipment when making a booking to ensure it is reserved for you.
  10. Please be advised that any promotional or VIP discounts cannot be used for Public Holiday hire's (including NYE/NYD).
  11. The easiest way to make a booking for any item is always to process through the website, for any further information call through to the staff in our locations with any queries.
  12. Please make sure you never leave your hire equipment unattended.
  13. Return the hire gear by the date and time specified on the PDF copy of your booking. If you do not return the gear for whatever reason you will pay for its replacement at market value. This payment is not collected by Pumphouse Party Hire. It is done by a debt collection body. (You really do not want this to happen, so keep your eye on the gear all the time).
  14. Blowing a speaker is quite a hard thing to do (This is not a challenge) and we are aware that from time to time there will be an issue with a speaker whereby one of the LF Woofer/HF driver or amplifier module might have a problem. In this case we generally will accept the fact that we live in a world that isn't perfect and you won't be held liable to the speaker's fault. Whereby there is obvious signs of neglect or abuse (Believe us, we can actually tell when a speaker has been turned up to 11 for too long), we will keep record of the hire detail and have it evaluated by the repairers, after this evaluation from the experts if the decision is that the speaker/sub/cd player or mixer has failed due to no fault of its own then you will be required to pay the repair charge.
  15. If you experience a suspected pre-existing fault with our equipment, we encourage you to contact us within business hours to allow for our customer service team to try and diagnose the issue with you. In extreme cases, we will make a note to inspect the equipment upon return and can organise a credit/refund for the item/s of equipment that demonstrate a pre-existing fault. We also strongly encourage you to contact us if you believe you have caused damage to any of the equipment during the process of hiring as this will allow us to perform an efficient fault diagnosis upon return resulting in a quicker return process for you.


Refund Policy:

In order to guarantee the availability of the equipment the hirer has ordered on a specific date Pumphouse Party Hire will require to charge the credit card for the full amount at the time of booking. Once a booking and payment on a credit card has been made this payment is non-refundable due to an order cancellation by the customer. If a customer would like to review or amend a booking they must email Pumphouse Party Hire, amendments are subject to availability.In accepting the terms and conditions in the checkout cart, the customer understands that they must have the required identification documents to hire equipment from Pumphouse Party Hire. A refund will not be offered if a customer fails to comply with the identification terms and conditions when picking up or receiving hire equipment. Any losses or damages to equipment will be invoiced to the hirer. In the unlikely event that goods provided for the hire period are faulty, Pumphouse Party Hire will need to inspect the item/s upon return to find the cause of the fault. If the fault is not related to the use or damaged caused by the customer, the customer may elect to receive a credit or refund for the hire cost of the faulty component/s only. In some cases Pumphouse Party Hire will offer a larger credit than the individual cost of the hire component/s. In such a case it is at the discretion of the customer to elect to to choose this credit over a refund.


TERMS & CONDITIONS OF HIRE (The legal detail)


  1. a) Pumphouse Party Hire (ABN - 79889846206) The equipment on hire is hereinafter referred to as the “Owner” and this expression includes its successors.
  2. b) The “Hirer” is the company, firm or person taking the owners equipment on hire and this expression includes his successors or personal representatives.
  3. c) “Equipment” shall include any lighting, sound, or special effect or part thereof and any attachments, leads or any other thing under this contract.
  4. d) “Hire Rate” shall be the rate of the hire for the equipment as provided on the invoice/agreement and is subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions of hire.


  1. a) The Hirer’s order, whether oral or in writing for the supply of equipment shall be construed as an expressed acceptance of these terms and conditions of hire, and in so far as any provision of the Hirer’s said order be consistent therewith these terms and conditions of hire shall be deemed to prevail.
  2. b) Any variations in the contract shall be in writing.
  3. c) The hirer warrants to the owner that no representations have been made to him concerning the equipment and in particular to the suitability for any particular purpose or for work in any particular place and that in enterting into this contract the hirer does not rely on such representation and has satisfied himself independently upon all such matters and; accordingly the hirer shall seek no relief in respect of any such representation and in particular shall bring on proceedings for misrepresentation.

3) COMMENCEMENT OF HIRE: Subject to the provisions of the invoice/agreement, the owner shall supply the equipment on the collection date. The period of hire shall start on such collection. Hire charges shall commence on collection unless otherwise stated on the invoice/agreement.Responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment is accepted by the Hirer from the time the equipment is collected until it’s return to the Owner and the Owner has subsequently fully inspected said equipment to his satisfaction.


  1. a) The Hirer accepts full responsibility to the owner for loss or damage to or destruction of the equipment suffered during the period of hire from whatever cause the same may arise and is fully responsible to the owner for the safekeeping of the equipment and its return in equal order to the owner at the end of the hire.
  2. b) The Hirer accepts all liability and responsibility in respect of and shall completely indemnify the owner against all third party claims and losses howsoever arising in respect of damage to, or loss, or destruction of any property or in respect of the personal injury, or death of anybody in any way caused by or relating to the equipment or its use.
  3. c) The Owner shall not be liable to the hirer in respect of any damage to, or loss, or destruction of the property of the hirer, nor in respect of the personal injury, or death of the Hirer, or his employees or contractors, or other persons in any way caused by or relating to the equipment or its use howsoever such damage, loss, destruction, injury, or death shall be caused.


  1. a) The Owner shall ensure that at the commencement of the hire the equipment shall be of sound construction and in good working order.
  2. b) All smoke machines will be supplied with 1 litre of smoke fluid, the hirer will be responsible for further supplies at further cost where required.
  3. c) Equipment using electric lamps will be tested, and working, the owner cannot and will not be held responsible for lamp failure. It is suggested:
  4. i) That goods being stored in a vehicle or building fitted with alarms, the alarm must be set.
  5. ii) Good must not be on display when stored in a vehicle, for example goods should be stored in the boot of the car.


  1. a) The Hirer must make payment in full via Credit Card/Debit and the card holder must be present, before equipment can be released.
  2. b) The Hirer shall pay the Owner forthwith for all repairs and replacements to the equipment, except for repairs and replacements due to wear and tear.


  1. a) A credit card authorisation of $100.00 (pre-auth - with pin) will be requested of the person taking responsibility for the hire prior to the release of equipment and will be used to cover incidents such as (but not limited to):


Late return of hire.

Equipment returned unclean, or in incorrect transporting tubs.

Additional servicing / cleaning charges.

  1. b) This bond does not cover damage or loss of equipment. Please contact your closest warehouse for equipment replacement costs, damage costs are based on quotes depending on the nature of the damage sustained.
  2. c) This bond is held as a pre-authorisation by the card issuing bank (not by Pumphouse Party Hire). The issuing bank will release the pre-authorisation (hold) 3-10 business days from the time the gear is returned to Pumphouse Party Hire in a clean and fully functional condition (as per our Terms and Conditions above).

8) SUBLETTING: The Hirer shall not without consent of the owner assign, sublet, mortgage, charge, pledge or part with possession of or otherwise deal with the equipment.



  1. a) Positive proof of identity, and home address must be produced before equipment is removed from our premises.
  2. b) It is advised that Hirer’s should check the compatability of their own items to items hired from the Owner. The Owner accepts no responsibility for equipment that does not work in conjunction with that of the hirer.
  3. c) One day hire is classed as a 24 hour period maximum. Any hire period over this time will incur the daily or weekly hire charge (Whichever is appropriate).
  4. d) All goods hired on any weekend must be returned by the date and time specified on your Contact or Invoice. All Hirer’s must be over the age of 18 and be in full-time employment or study.



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